Chimney Cleaning – It’s Not An Option

If you are lucky enough to have a home with a chimney then you may be wondering about what to expect when looking at chimney cleaning cost. A fireplace is a great luxury to have in any home and during cold winter months curling up besides a fire can be very relaxing. Not only is a fireplace very inviting and relaxing, it can also be a very effective means of warming your home during cold weather. In fact in regions where there is very cold weather a fireplace can be a real life saver. What happens if there is a major winter storm that causes a disruption in your utility services? Without electricity or gas your home furnace won’t work, which can mean having our home’s temperatures drop down to potentially dangerous levels.

This is where a fireplace and chimney become invaluable since they can heat your home during a utility outage. But like any other part of your home a chimney and fireplace require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good working order. That means that you are going to hire a professional company to come out and inspect and clean your chimney on a regular basis. So what should you expect in terms of chimney sweep cost? Also why is it so important that I have a professional company come out to inspect and clean my chimney instead of just doing it myself?

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Why It’s Important To Have A Professional Inspect And Clean Your Chimney On A Regular Basis
As a general rule of thumb when you have 1/8th of an inch of soot built up inside or you chimney then it’s time to have it cleaned. The problem with trying to clean your chimney yourself is that it’s pretty much impossible to see the inside of a chimney to determine if it’s time to clean it. Without specialized equipment you won’t know how dirty your chimney is, which can mean you won’t clean it as frequently as you should. If you don’t clean out your chimney regularly then a glaze can develop on the inside of your chimney from the soot that accumulates. At this point the chances of a chimney fire are greatly increased, which means that you need to have your chimney cleaned immediately. If you do end up with a chimney fire the best case scenario for you would be to have only your chimney damaged. If the fire gets out of control it can spread to your roof, then the rest of your home could quickly go up in flames. Obviously you don’t want this to happen, so you really shouldn’t let chimney cleaning cost deter you.

So exactly how frequently should you have your chimney cleaned? As a general rule of thumb you should schedule chimney cleaning once a year. Now if you only use your fireplace rarely then you should be able to get away with having it cleaned less frequently. On the other hand if you use your fireplace a lot then you are probably going to have to have your chimney cleaned more frequently. The best way to figure out what your needs are is to contact a professional company and have them come out to inspect and clean your chimney. While they are there they can go over how frequently you need to have your chimney cleaned, and go over any other questions you may have.

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How Much To Expect To Pay Regarding Chimney Sweep Cost
Now that you understand how important it is to have your chimney cleaned by a professional on a regular basis you may now be wondering about chimney cleaning cost. Well the amount of money you have to pay is going to vary depending upon many different variables. Those variables include where you live, the company you choose, and how intensive of a job it is going to be to clean your chimney. Typically speaking you should expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $200 for a thorough chimney cleaning. Now if you need additional work done because the cleaning that is needed is more involved, then you should expect to have to pay a little more. If things are really bad and damage is suspected, the chimney sweeping company may recommend that you have them use a camera to inspect the interior of your chimney. If this is what happens you should expect to pay in the ballpark of $300 for this additional service.

While the idea of paying to have your chimney cleaned may not be particularly appealing, keep in mind that the cost for this type of service is a tiny fraction of what you would have to pay out should you end up with a chimney or a house fire. Ultimately what you have to realize is that chimney cleaning cost is just a part of being a homeowner. You certainly wouldn’t ignore a major problem like a burst pipe would you? Of course not, so ignoring a dirty chimney that could cause a house fire should never happen either. Not only would you be looking at some major expenses as you repair your home, you also have to remember that you and your family sleep in your home. Now do you really want to have your family sleeping in a home where there is an elevated risk of a house fire?

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Chimney Sweep Cost Are A Reasonable Expense
Even if you end up paying on the higher end of the spectrum to have your chimney inspected and cleaned you are still not going to be paying out a lot of money when you consider how much this could actually benefit you. Just think about how awful it would be to have to deal with the aftermath of a house fire. Assuming that you and your entire family made it out safely, the after effects are going to have a huge negative impact on all of you. It will be costly and frustrating to say the least, and on top of that you probably won’t even be able to stay in your home while it is being fixed. So make the smart decision and hire a professional company to come out and inspect and clean your chimney today.