Chimney Cleaning: 6 Essential Equipment Required

Cleaning your chimney on your own can be a daunting task. It can also be a time-consuming job taking up your entire day. But what if I can show you certain supplies you can use to make the job easier and quicker? Chimney cleaning tools are used speed up the cleaning process and make a tough job easier.

Listed below are six chimney cleaning tools recommend for those weekend warriors tackling the tough job of cleaning the chimney flue.

Chimney Brush – A quality chimney brush is one of the must-haves for a successful chimney cleaning project. Brushes come in varying lengths, materials, and models depending on differing flues. If you have softer creosote chooses a soft bristle brush while harder buildup will benefit from medium or extra stiff bristles. The bristles also come in different shapes from square to a rectangle to round. Chimney brush rods are also necessary for the job and come in four or five-foot lengths. You will need to use multiple rods to cover the h

Chimney Cleaning: 6 Essential Equipment Required

eight of your flue. If you have masonry surrounds or flue tile, select a brush with bristles constructed of wire. If your flue is constructed of metal, purchase a bristle brush consisting of polypropylene.

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Scraping Tool – Don’t like getting dirty? A scraping tool can be beneficial for keeping the smoke shelf clean without getting into the fireplace itself.

Sprays and Cleaners

There is a multitude of sprays and cleaners out there all designed for different purposes. Chimney erasers are helpful using a sponge-like eraser to gently “erase” that soft creosote and dust away. Cleaning the outside of fireplace is a breeze with hearth and glass cleaner. To eat through that soot, you will want to use highly-concentrated soot cleaner formulated to cut through it quickly and effortlessly.

Noodle Brush

The noodle brush has stiff, coarse bristles and a flexible length allowing it to fit into tight spots and reach to corners of the flue with ease.

Essential Equipment Required

Ash Vacuum

These vacuums often feature a HEPA filter, a compact, dust-proof canister, and can even have a vibrating filter to loosen the buildup.

Fireplace Cover

When using a fireplace vacuum, you will also want to employ an inexpensive fireplace cover. This cover can be duct taped to the hearth and features a slot for the vacuum’s tube to be inserted. Keeping dust and particles contained, the fireplace cover will greatly reduce your time spent cleaning up.

So, whether you need chimney rods and brushes, spare vent pipe to keep on hand for a customer emergency, or any other chimney cleaning tools or supplies, check out the selection available online. You’ll save time and money while you’re at it.

Finally, chimney pipe is now available online; that means no more waiting in line at the hardware store when you could be out taking care of business. Whether you need to galvanize vent connectors, black single or double wall stove pipe sections, thimbles, heat protectors, or Class A chimney products; you can have them delivered straight to you with zero fuss. Don’t forget to add rug runners and other floor protection to help keep your customers feeling happy and satisfied.

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