Chimney Repair And Maintenance

Just like anything else in your home your chimney is going to need regular maintenance and chimney repair to keep it in good working order. Chimneys can be damaged in many ways and the key to keeping things from getting out of hand is to monitor your fireplace and chimney, and have a professional inspect it on a regular basis. By having regular cleanings and inspections you can catch small problems before they turn into major problems.

The last thing you ever want to have to deal with is a major chimney problem that leads to a chimney fire, which can then lead to a whole house fire. That’s the definition of a nightmare scenario by just about anyone’s definition, and it’s something that should make you realize that your chimney and fireplace need to be a priority for you. It’s nice to curl up by that fire during the cold winter months, but a lot of people make the mistake of not paying attention to their chimney and realizing that it needs regular care. Don’t be that kind of person, because if you are then you are asking for trouble.

What Types Of Common Problems Arise That Necessitate Chimney Repair?
You may not be aware of it but the simple fact of using your fireplace and exposing it to open flame can slowly but surely cause damage to it. While your fireplace and chimney were built to withstand heat and flame, over time they will still suffer cumulative damage that will need to be addressed. One of the most common chimney repair issues that people run into involves actual damage to the brick and mortar of the chimney. Over time open flames will cause damage that is often invisible to the naked eye. That damage may not be apparent, but it will slowly erode the structural integrity of your chimney and fireplace. The good news is that a professional company that specializes in chimney repair and fireplace repair can usually take care of the problem for you, and it shouldn’t even be that expensive of a repair. On the other hand if you wait and don’t take care of the problem it will likely lead to bigger problems, which will end up costing you more money.

In addition to fixing any damage done to the bricks in your fireplace and chimney, another common repair is tuck pointing. What exactly is tuck pointing? It’s the repair of the mason that bonds the bricks in your fireplace and chimney together. Much like the bricks that make up your chimney and fireplace the mortar will slowly but surely be damaged by heat and flame over time. The repair process is fairly straightforward for a professional, but nearly impossible for anyone without the right training and tools. Repairs generally involve chipping out any old or loose mortar and replacing it with new mortar.

Chimney Cap -Chimney Repair And Maintenance

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Another common repair that is needed involving your chimney or fireplace is chimney cap repair.

Your chimney cap is the part of your chimney that keeps water from getting into it, while still allowing smoke to escape. If your chimney cap is damaged it will enable water to get into your chimney. This gateway will then often result in water getting into other areas of your house, which can lead to structural damage and toxic black mold. Obviously you want to avoid having this happen because it’s going to cause you a lot of headaches and also cost you a lot of money. On the other hand chimney cap repair is a fraction of the cost of having your home repaired and cleaned out following water damage and black mold growth.

A Reputable Chimney Repair Company Will Also Inspect Your Chimney For Any Problems You May Not Know About
Chances are that if you are calling out a chimney repair company it’s because you know you have a problem or you suspect that you might have a problem. While it’s a good thing that you have called out a professional, it’s also highly likely that there are additional problems you may not know about. That’s normal because unless you are a masonry expert with experience in building and repairing chimneys you probably lack the skills necessary to notice a problem. The good news here is that any reputable fireplace repair company will not only fix any problems you call them out for, they will also perform a thorough inspection and look for problems that may not be readily apparent. While you may not be happy to find out that your chimney needs additional repairs, this is still a far better outcome than not knowing there is a little problem and having it turn into a big one.

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Chimney And Fireplace Repair Is Best Left To The Professionals
Your chimney provides light and heat for your home because you burn firewood in it. You burn firewood in it, which means that it is exposed to open flame on a regular basis. Anytime you have open flames in any part of your home you had better make maintenance and repairs to that part of your home a priority. Failing to do so can allow fire damage to accumulate over time, which can lead to structural damage, which in a worst case scenario can lead to a chimney or house fire. You don’t want to ever have to deal with the after effects of a house fire, but if you are not having your chimney inspected and repaired on a regular basis that’s exactly what could happen.

If you are still tempted to try to save a little cash by handling your chimney repair yourself, keep in mind that it really does require the skills of an expert to properly execute. Now if you have experience working in masonry and in repairing chimneys then you can probably confidently take care of your chimney repair and maintenance yourself. But if you haven’t got any experience in these areas, then the only sensible course of action for you is to call a professional out to handle any issues you may be having with your chimney or fireplace.