Chimney Inspection – 7 Reasons To Do It Now

Regular chimney inspection is something that is extremely important for any home that has a chimney. If you neglect your chimney and don’t have it inspected, maintained, and repaired on a regular basis you are basically sitting on a ticking time bomb. Before you know it you could be staring at a full fledged disaster as your chimney’s unseen damage leads to a catastrophic failure. You may not really realize it but the truth is that your chimney is one of the most important parts of your home. You may not use it that often, but every time you do you are placing an open flame in your house. That fact alone should get you to realize that neglecting your chimney could prove to be a costly mistake. The following are some important reasons why you need a chimney sweeper or chimney cleaners to clean and inspect your chimney on a regular basis.

1. Soot Build Up
This one should be obvious, but a lot of people still don’t realize that soot build up on the inside of your chimney is a problem. Over time soot is going to build up on the inside of your chimney, it can’t be prevented because it’s a side effect of having fire burning in there. What happens if you don’t have that soot cleaned out on a regular basis is it can turn into a glaze, which can then catch fire. While it may not seem like it is a problem the reality is that a chimney fire has the potential to be an unmitigated disaster. Your chimney wasn’t meant to have a fire in it, only your fireplace was. So a chimney fire can easily escape from the confines of your chimney and spread to your house. The bottom line here is that you need to have a professional chimney sweeper come out on a regular basis to avoid having this happen to you.

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2. Small Cracks And Damage Can Lead To Major Problems Later
Another major reason that you need to schedule a regular chimney inspection is that it can help to catch small problems before they develop into major problems. Over time the heat and fire in that your chimney and fireplace are exposed to will cause minor damage. This minor damage is fairly easy to repair, and thus not that expensive, if it is caught early. But if it is not caught early then that minor damage can easily spiral out of control. The next thing you know your chimney may lose it’s structural integrity, and then all kinds of bad things will follow. The point here is that regular inspections are inexpensive and should be something you make a priority.

3. Blockages In Your Chimney Could Prove To Be A Fatal Problem
Every year people end up tragically dying when a blockage in their chimney prevents smoke from escaping, which can very easily lead to death via smoke inhalation. While you may not realize it there are debris and other obstructions that can get into your chimney partially or completely blocking it. When this happens the smoke has nowhere to go except in your house. Did you know that in most cases people trapped in a house fire die from smoke inhalation and not from the actual flames? It’s important to recognize this because this is exactly the kind of environment that a blocked chimney will create. The good news is that most blockages happen over time, so if you have your chimney professionally inspected on a regular basis, then this is a problem that is easily avoided.

4. Water Damage Is A Very Real Threat To Your Home
Your chimney was designed so that it will allow smoke to escape while keeping water from getting in. In order for it to do this every part of it has to work as it was designed to do. Since fire and heat cause damage over time, there’s a good chance that the parts of your chimney that are meant to keep water out could end up losing integrity. When this happens water from rain storms can get into your chimney, and from there it can get into your walls, attic, and other parts of your home. Did you know that water can lead to toxic black mold in only 2 days? Unless you want to spend a small fortune repairing your home and removing black mold due to water damage you had better keep you chimney in good working order.

5. Blockages To A Chimney Flue Can Be Deadly
Your chimney is designed with what is known as a flue. Actually it is designed with several. These structures are what allow smoke and carbon monoxide to escape into the outside of your home. Much like every other part of your chimney they can get coated with soot, which will lead to blockages. When there is a blockage then suddenly that deadly smoke and carbon monoxide will now enter your home, which tragically can be a fatal problem.

6. You Don’t Want To Get Fined
If your chimney isn’t up to code did you know that the town or city you live in can actually fine you for it. While dealing with a fine isn’t as serious of a problem as the other issues that a damaged chimney can cause, it’s still something that you want to avoid. The good news here is that an annual chimney inspection can not only catch potential problems, it can also ensure that your chimney is up to code so you don’t end up having to pay a fine.

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7. A Chimney That Is Not Working Properly Will Cost You Money
Your fireplace is a great place to relax near during a cold winter day, but it’s also a way to heat your home. Today most people don’t rely on a fireplace to heat their home and instead they have a furnace or other type of central heating system. But just because you have central heating or a furnace doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still take advantage of the heat your fireplace produces. If your fireplace and chimney are not in good working order then more heat than is necessary will escape. This will make your fireplace less efficient, which means that you will spend more money running your central heating system or furnace.